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October 23 2017

Może prawdziwa miłość jest kwestią decyzji. Decyzji o daniu komuś szansy. Poświęceniu się dla kogoś, bez oglądania się na możliwość cofnięcia wszystkiego albo na to czy ktoś Cię zrani, albo czy on jest tym jedynym.
Może miłość nie jest czymś co Ci się przydarza.
Być może to coś, co musisz wybrać. 
— "Love and Other Disasters" (2006

How to tell if it's getting bad again:



- sleeping too much or not at all
- eating too much or too little
- sounding disinterested in everything
- being spaced out a lot
- rambling a lot or not talking at all
- losing track of time
- making cynical comments, usually about yourself
- pushing people away
- tend to rubbing your eyes and head a lot
- avoiding eye contact
- always being shaky
- avoiding certain conversations


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October 22 2017

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David Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton

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Columbia University, by Stanley Kubrick. (1948)

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I have so much of you in my heart // John Keats.

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  • person: "you're obsessed with your mental illness"
  • me: i know right? its like it impacts every part of my life.
  • person: "it's all in your head"
  • me: i know right? it's almost like it's a MENTAL illness.
  • person: "why do you let it affect you and stop you from being able to do things?"
  • me: i know right? it's almost like it's an ACTUAL ILLNESS
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